Ancient Astronaut Society

Writer's Guidelines for the Official Journal of the A.A.S. R.A. - Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association

Ancient Astronaut Society is the only publication in the world to exclusively report about the Ancient Astronaut theory. Ancient Astronaut Society is an open forum for anyone. We offer the opportunity to publish your research, be they professional or layman. The A.A.S. R.A. does not discriminate against academic background.

It is mandatory for the subject matter of the article to remain within our field of study, namely the Paleo-SETI, or Ancient Astronaut theory: the search for evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Earth in the remote past.

The article must be original, and must refrain from any kind of New Age, numerology, spirituality, psychic and paranormal phenomena, or contemporary UFOs and abductions. Strictly speaking, these topics do not fit into the above declared objectives of the A.A.S. R.A.

An already great amount of well authenticated material is available for the A.A.S. R.A., which, as in any serious branch of science, must be further well screened, developed, extrapolated, critically reconsidered, improved, and added to by devoted researchers worldwide.

Each article must be accompanied with a complete list of all references used, so we can follow through on back-up checks, as the temptation unfortunately exists to invent a story for personal fame. To best serve the ideas and objectives of the A.A.S. R.A. a minimum of 6 references is required. Beware of obscure and untraceable references, frequently consisting of erroneous material copied from previously published, faulty works.

Due to scientific integrity, we categorically refuse to publish articles by authors claiming to be initiates, prophets, adepts, holders of secret lore and knowledge, recipients of private revelations given to them by beings from a higher plane, and similar unscientific mumbo-jumbo.

As a researcher's guideline, first concentrate on the great deal of valuable material already available and then add to it by gathering new items, well authenticated by clear and readily verifiable references, to ancient texts and scriptures (utilizing only verifiable translations by reputable University sources), inscriptions, petroglyphs, sculptures, monuments, archaeological sites/anomalies, passages from books and reputable journals, documented by photographs.

We encourage you to include photographs and/or diagrams to illustrate your article. If you do not have any photographs, let us know what you need so we can locate appropriate images in our extensive Ancient Astronaut Society Library and photo archives.

Due to logistical reasons we cannot and will not return any submitted material (including photographs). Therefore we must ask you to make copies of your work for your files.

Each article must not exceed 4,000 words. We reserve the right to abbreviate any article if necessary. Articles may also be edited for purposes of clarity. We can accept either Mac or PC based files, as well as paper copies.

The A.A.S. R.A. reserves the right to determine which articles are suited for publication in Ancient Astronaut Society.

Ten copies of the issue in which your article appears will be mailed to you as compensation.